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DOT Webinar Series

By March 4, 2021Insurance
Risc - Tractor Trailer Truck Driving Down Highway with Sunset in Background

We are thrilled to announce a series of three webinars focused on DOT safety and compliance updates, brought to you by Bob Soojian, Safety Investigator at DOT / FMCSA, Mike Tucker, State Trooper, and Ralph Thresher, Senior Safety Consultant at Webber and Grinnell Insurance.

At the end of each webinar, our Supply Chain practice group leader Bob Gaudette will briefly highlight how these topics relate back to underwriting to ensure you are taking the proper steps to satisfy carrier requirements and keep insurance premiums as low as possible.

These webinars will dive into details on up-to-date DOT policies regarding driver qualification files (March 17), hours of service (March 24), and vehicle maintenance and driver vehicle inspections (March 31). Note that important changes have been made in the past year that will affect your business, especially with Hours of Service compliance.

Please click any of the three images below to read more about what will be covered in each webinar and reserve your spot. Space is limited, so don’t wait to register!